Regularly stocked fishing lake; popular with local anglers

We are regularly visited by anglers looking for a relaxing day of fishing in a tranquil & pleasant environment. With regular re-stocking, our lakes do provide a challenge though!

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a day's fishing. At Mill Farm Fishery you're guaranteed a great day's sport. As our lakes have been filled with tench, bream, roach, mirror carp, leather carp, crucian carp, grass carp, chub & more, we think all abilities of angler will thrive at Mill Farm Fishery.

Dreaming of that catch to tell all your friends about?

With such a well established fishing lake, we have seen some whoppers at Mill Farm Fishery. Our current record is 29lbs! 

3 different lakes including match lakes

In addition to our large lake that we opened in 1978, we also have two further match lakes. A larger match lake that is approximately two acres was opened in 1991 and a third 'pool' is open for smaller matches. All our lakes can be fished by pleasure anglers and our large match lake is perfect for disabled anglers.

Prices are currently: £7 for 1 rod and £10 if using 2 rods. 

Concessions for pensioners, disabled anglers and children are available.

Man fishing from boat

Concessions & refreshments available for the
thirsty angler so if you are looking to organise
a relaxing day by the lake, call us on
01455 552 392

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